Welcome on the presentation site of the Ileana & Ioan Borlean Traditional House of Vadu Izei, Maramureş!

This site is intended to facilitate the direct contact between the tourists and the hosts, by offering a more exact idea on a possible holidays destination.
You will find here the full extent of necessary informations about the board and lodging accommodations, tarrifs, along with many suggestions for traditional activities organized by the Vadu Izei Pension, or in the Maramureş area.

Vadu Izei is a township located in the very heart of the most beautiful and pitoresque region of Romania, Maramureş country. Here you will find this township underwend very few changes in the last past years: people still wear their mother weven traditional costumes on the traditional holidays, the most common form of transportation and agriculture labour being the horse powered cart, and the mattock is still the essential means for survival.
Vadu Izei is hoping to preserve the legacy of Maramureş by sharing it with you. In the next pages you will find information on our customs and traditions, on our way of life and on the ways you can spend and enjoy you time with us.

Maramureş is a place of a rare beauty, fortunately still unaffected by the mad rush of the modern world.
We hope you have a pleasant navigation on our site, and we’re looking forward to welcome you in our home, and to get to know each other as soon as possible!

For more specific information please contact us and we will do our best to help you.